The Foundation

Stichting People’s Intelligence is a nonprofit organization registered with the Dutch KVK (Chamber of Commerce). The foundation has the goal to develop and implement the platform of PI. She abides by the Sphere Humanitarian Charter, the Protection Principles and Minimum Standards in Humanitarian Response and works in line with the Millennium Development Goals, Target 8.F in particular, which is to make available benefits of new technologies, especially information and communications.

Stichting People’s Intelligence is designated as an ANBI (a Public Benefit Organization). This means that donors of PI are allowed to deduct their donations from income tax or corporation tax under conditions. By Dutch law, all ANBIs registered in the Netherlands have to publicize the following information:

NAME Stichting People’s Intelligence
ADDRESS Prudens van Duysestraat 14, 2524EA The Hague
RSIN 8531 56 554
BOARD MEMBERS Christophe Billen, Chairman
Dr. Yilin Huang, Secretary
Julien Marillier, Treasurer
Provide victims and witnesses of human rights violations or humanitarian crises the possibility to send relevant information by means of ubiquitous technologies; analyze this information; provide them with actionable information in return and send early warning messages to partnering organizations who will be better informed and equipped to decide where to provide targeted assistance. Please visit our Concept page for details.
REMUNERATION POLICY The board members receive no remuneration for their work. Board members can be reimbursed for costs incurred in the execution of their function.
FOUNDATION POLICY Only available in Dutch.
ACTIVITIES REPORT Please visit PI’s Blog.
Financial Report 2013/2014