The PI Demo serves to demonstrate some of the basic features of the envisaged PI platform.

From the perspective of an untrained person who wants to report information about an incident

  • You can contact the PI platform and report an incident by answering a number of questions via text messaging.

From the perspective of a staff member of one of the organizations running PI:

  • See how the PI Demo facilitates the collection of structured data which are automatically geotagged;
  • Experience how the PI Demo automatically triages reports along pre-established thematic categories;
  • You can adjust the level of confidence that a given report is clustered within a certain category;
  • You can triangulate reports which share similar characteristics including a date, a proximate location and at least one thematic category;
  • You can refine the list of keywords defining each thematic category to improve automatic categorization by the PI Demo;
  • And of course, you can view and sort reports by geographic area, categories and time.

We invite all our demo users to complete a survey where we will gather first impressions as well as ideas how to improve our software.

Access the PI Demo

PI Demo

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Download the documentation

Documentation PI Demo

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Warning: This is a test environment. Do not add real life incident information. Do not add  personal information. The data is not secured.

Disclaimer: All names and incidents presented in this demo are fictitious. No identification with actual persons, places, buildings and products is intended or should be inferred.


This demo was built in approximately 1 month by two experienced developers. Our vision is to further enhance the PI platform to cover the following features:

  • Provide persons reporting incident with actionable feedback based on the location and type of incident reported
  • Improve the clustering of reports along user defined taxonomies by means of more advance semantic analysis
  • Provide users with additional triangulation criteria (such as time) and allow users to accept or negate proposed triangulation results, link incident reports and average the number of victims
  • Automatically provide credibility scores based on accepted triangulation results
  • Automate the provision of reliability scores for sources
  • Allow end-users to design their own domain specific questionnaires and question logic

For a full list of the envisaged features of the PI platform, we refer you to the PI features and user stories which we elicited together with our partners.